Friday, April 1, 2011

Morning blend

I don't know what you prefer for breakfast, but lately (not everyday, but oftener than not) I've been making 'green' smoothies. Since I get very exuberant, I tend to make enough for two days which has the benefit of only involving half the cleanup.

Again, no pics.  This can be considered a plus, because some of these pics would be off-putting.  The only thing separating my breakfast from swamp water was a tadpole and 2 water skater bugs. The colour went south when I added those raspberries to my green blend. Yup, a brownish soup, with little flecks of cream and bright green.
On the up side, it was delicious and invigorating (and really fun to make - I always feel a bit like a mad scientist when I'm concocting these blends, an idea confirmed by the look on my son's face when he watches me drink them).
Today's blend had: spinach, celery, chard, sweet onion, dill, baked beans in tomato sauce (1/4 c), 4 soaked skinned raw almonds, 1Tbsp ground sesame and 1 of ground flax seeds, 1 medium banana, 1/2 c frozen raspberries and a few frozen strawberries,  a few strips each of red and yellow bell peppers, and some lemon zest and juice.
Yum! I started doing this after reading some of Robyn's info over at  Robyn suggests doing this everyday, and strongly suggests that you use a super-duper turbo blender.  I have a $30 blender from Canadian Tire (it does have a glass jug) and it's workin' fine, thanks!  I didn't use to ever drink this and now I have 2 or 3 a week. That's improvement, right? I figure you gotta ease into this stuff. It's a process (improvement, that is), a sliding scale which one should attempt to move increasingly from the bad end to the good end.  
This includes all improvements, whether it be learning a new skill or language, or changing your exercise and diet. Keep making little improvements. You know, when my daughter had braces (this still grosses me out), she had a little device inserted between her upper braces called a stretcher. Every so often, I had to crank the stretcher. NOT FUN! But over time, her upper jaw grew wider, negating the need for surgery (Yay!). My point is little changes lead to big improvements over time. It's never too late to start, and anyone can do it.
What's your change going to be?

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