Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weatherhead... is worse in Spring

All this turbulent weather is playing my head up something awful! Blargh! It starts with a bruise like pain up my neck and behind my right ear and then it all goes south on me...  yesterday was like that.  By nightfall, we'd had the rain, the temperature had risen and the medicine had fixed my headache.
Today is a MUCH better day, still overcast with a tendency to drizzle.  There are plenty of different birds around these days, all hootin' and hollerin' and chasing each other around. Canadian birds are a wondrous mix of size, shape, colour, and attitude.  We have the tiniest little birds that would fit in your pocket, up to the big block bullies, our crows.  I watched a very interesting documentary about crows. Did you know they mourn communally when one of their members is killed/dies?  We have blue jays, cardinals, robins, sparrows and chickadees. There are woodpeckers, or they could be flickers, and tons of others.  In fact, I am blessed to live near Presqu'ile Park where there is an annual bird-spotting to see just how many varieties they can count each year. I haven't even touched on our water birds yet! And don't forgot our little jewels, the hummingbirds.  I haven't seen one yet, but I think they come in Summer.  We only just started Spring, so I'll enjoy the ones that are here now.

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  1. You're speaking my language here! I love me some bird-watching. Right now I'm bird-listening (tee hee) as the robins are singing outside my window this morning. Their beautiful song is part of what makes spring a favorite season of mine. Indeed, enjoy it while you can. I'm always sad when they leave for the winter.

    I didn't know that about crows mourning communally. How cool.