Monday, April 11, 2011

Visiting Friends

I had a great weekend - spent Sunday with friends playing Euchre.  Yes, girls against boys. Yes, girls got euchred. :(  Oh, well. We were out of practice and we won some.

So we're laughin' and jokin', and the competitive streak is flaring up in some of us, and there I was... having a great time except for the swirling cigarette smoke.  At one point, I delayed the next game until the room had a chance to clear.  At what point is it just no longer funny that I can't/ don't want to breathe their smoke? I know I went to visit her, but I didn't realise it would turn into a 4 hour euchre marathon.  I was already being a pain in the butt by not drinking coffee or tea (caffeine) and because I'm vegetarian.  They were being kind - the window was open. You have to understand that my hubs is a smoker and he smoked all the way down there and all the way back. (No escape!)   And I used to smoke, so I know it's tough when one person doesn't smoke, and you want to have one. And now I know what a total, insensitive, complete, jerk I really was to each and every person around me.

I apologize.  I am seriously not going to be visiting my friend very much though. Cuz I can't breathe. *cough* And my sinuses are now wrecked for another week.

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