Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why are breakthroughs followed by breakdowns?

The devil knows our weaknesses... and he HATES it when we make progress...
So whenever we have had a particularly good breakthrough, he launches an all-out attack to drag us back into the pit from which we emerged.  He doesn't realise that it's too late... we have peeped over the edge of that pit and seen the wide open spaces, the gleaming sunshine and felt its warmth.
We have learned the truth: that if we make a mistake, Jesus will gladly receive us again if we just admit our error. Jesus knows that we are under attack from a tricksy adversary who has millenia of experience at trapping frail humans.
This came to me as I sat pondering why in the last 3 days I have barely cracked the covers of my Bible (well, bibleS really - I have about 5 in use).  And then it came to me: I have been scaring the devil by making progress! Well, that IS encouraging! Time to praise the Lord for that: HALLELUJAH!  The devil's primary objective is to convince us that God doesn't care; this is in hopes that we will stop praising His Holy Name. But we will not. Because we know that God LOVES us, each one of us. He sent Jesus to pay our debt: to take our sin, our illnesses, our weaknesses, and to die in our place. Then, because only HE is able, Jesus rose again and has promised that we also will rise. Death is defeated!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RIP Jack Layton :'(

Dear Readers,
It has been a horrific week already for me in Ontario, and I find I am actually too shocked to work properly.
Having spent so many years with Jack Layton on our political skyline, I feel as if the CN Tower has been knocked out of my life!  This vibrant, cheerful, thoughtful, mustachioed, bicycling gent will no longer pop up on my TV screen or monitor with upcoming news... in memorium, but not in person.
It's incredible, given my experience with friends and family who have had cancer, survived cancer, not survived cancer, that I should have been surprised when this second bout of cancer turned out to be highly aggressive and resistant. It has only been about 4 months since Jack stepped aside to focus on his health issues. I was sure that with his bounce-back personality, he would soon be taking back the reins.
But no. There will be no more Jack in our face, in our daily lives. Unless.. we take to heart what he was trying to show us... That our country is worth fighting for, worth trying to change, and that each of us can make a difference, especially when each of our small efforts are joined with those of others. After all, an ocean is only many droplets of water. No drop ever started out thinking it would be part of the ocean. Most of them started as a rain drop on a leaf somewhere or a melting bit of snow. But something happened as that drop of meltwater slid away from its glacier, it stopped identifying with the old way and started a new life as part of a stream, then a river, and finally an ocean.
The best way to change anything is to face the way you mean to go and take a step. Then take another.

The greatest legacy a person can leave is to have taught someone something. Thank you Jack for teaching us so many good things~ not just as an actual classroom teacher, but in the classroom of life. That our country is great, our True North, strong and free. That our people are beautiful and worthwhile. That there is a peaceful way to accomplish things.
Rest in peace, may we meet at last on Resurrection Morning.
Condolences and deepest sympathy to the family and friends, constituents and compatriots of this dear man.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My niche

I think I've finally decided what this blog will feature from now on. I believe it will be the ways God inspires me and helps me grow.  It may involve youtube links. (thank you in advance, youtube)

It will be situational with Scriptures to back it open.

My first comment must be that, although my hubby is not a Christian, God uses him to help me grow and to keep me on track. This is awesome to me, and very comforting, that God would use the person closest to me.

We must be open to hearing what God has to say. At first I was threatened by the fact that my non-believing husband was "critising" me; finally, I realised it was God reaching out to me.  God is blessing me and my hubby and our marriage.

I am believing on Acts 16 for my whole family to be saved.  I can see God working in their hearts.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

trying to determine my niche...

There are so many things that interest me that I find it hard to separate what "I" write about from what I like.  That is to say, when I write about things that interest me, what is "MY" angle? How does my input hold a common thread?

I've noticed that my posts are all over the place, seem to be completely unrelated except for the fact that I wrote them, and go nowhere. :(  Not what a writer wants to have to say about herself.

The new mandate will be to have a commonality in my posts.
Thank you. That is all. :D