Tuesday, November 27, 2012



TWO awesome free courses:

TONIGHT (Nov 27): Judith of Savvy Vegetarian talks about plant protein, and
Thur Dec 06: Jennifer Cornbleet talks about going RAW :) not so difficult after all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog props: Raw on $10 a Day (or Less)

Raw on $10 a Day (or Less) is a super fantastic site for Raw Foodies, Frugal Eaters, and those who like fun deliciousness!  These recipes are not difficult even if you have no 'equipment' (blender, bullet blender, immersion/hand blender, food processer, dehydrator).  The site is easy to navigate, has great 'you might also like' links, a recipe index, and beautiful photos.

Go on, get over there and check out Lisa's page!  Raw on $10 a day is also on facebook.
Go ahead, make your day :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel and Palestine

I want to knock your heads together (while you still have one) for being so silly and stubborn! And not just you, but many other countries/groups who also waste precious time and energy fighting each other.
Here is my solution, as posted to a friend's facebook comment:

 I have an idea. Gather the leaders together for each side, both Palestinian and Jewish.. Make them argue the case for the other side. See what that leads to. They have the same grandfather.. let them start behaving like they were created by the same loving God, and not like savages.
If you break the least part of the law... you break ALL of the law...
Love God, and love your neighbour AS YOURSELF. <This one in particular is old as dirt, we should know better.
This applies to all nations.. if we took care of our neighbours, we wouldn't be in such a pickle. No one has the right to be haughty or the need to be downtrodden. <3 <3 BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE

Much peace and love to all involved. When one person fights, those around are hurt whether they want to be involved or not. And now they have taught their children to be ugly and hateful as well. :'(

Friday, November 16, 2012

Midpoint of Nanowrimo

Word counts is all anybody talks about when it's midway through Nanowrimo. Are you anywhere close to the 25,000 midpoint?  Somehow I've managed to get within spitting distance of it. Not exactly reached out and grabbed it, but if you gave me a leg-up, I could get it.

How're you doing? It's way too soon to be throwing in bizarre plot twists and zombie scenes, so just stick with the plan, push a little harder, and NO EDITING! :D That's for December.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ketchup Catchup

Hey, can only stop for a second - a nano-second that is... by tomorrow night I need to be at 25,000 words. I'm currently almost at 17,000. And I'm sposed to go out tomorrow to hear my friend read her poetry. Gah! So stretched! So worth it!  I have a plot and I'm running with it. It is so much easier to write an intense action scene than to get from one action scene to the next. Very interesting.. Mwah! Behave, and remember: no editing until December!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nano status: a little behind ( | )

So, we're just over a third of the way in, and the word count is.... 1 day behind. Oh come on! That's pretty good! I don't write on Friday nights, and I've had two plot derailments already. I'm on Chapter 8 or something like it and the MC has finally met her man. Well, maybe her man. They're only about to have coffee - we'll have to see how it goes. 
I understand these are normal events in Nanoland.  My husband (who does NOT write) helpfully suggested I could just write something else. He doesn't know that my characters and I collaborate on the plot. Like a carver trying to release the sculpture hidden within the tree. It's interesting so far, I think... -EEK! Self doubts! Nooo! Stay back! There will be NO editing until December!!!! *left hand slaps right* Get away from the delete button. WHEW! That was close.
This has been very helpful, thank you. I can see now that I must interweave my characters in the mid section of the manuscript.  Well, ta-rah! for now...