Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 5 priorities.. not what you think!

I was reading Mark and Angel's blog and as usual it is awesome.  I would revise the order and choice (and definitely the reasoning) of their top 5 characteristics affecting your happiness: Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Encouragement, and Peace.
I give my reasons below. What are your top 5?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 years in

and marriage is wonderful. I now have the best key to a relationship.
 If this is supposed to be the love of your life, filter everything he (she) says through this:
I am the love of their life- would they try to hurt me? if no, then ask them to restate what they've said.
If they used 'hot button' words, let them know that these are words that especially light your short fuse, and to please use other words.  After all, you don't deliberately try to hurt them (I hope), why assume that they are trying to hurt you?
This would probably work for most things people say to us- perhaps what they've said is coming through their cultural/emotional/situational filters, and we need to hunt for the nugget of the statement while sloughing off the husk.  Save a lot of problems, we would. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The dog days of summer

Judging by the rate of change of people's blogs (mine included), you'd think it was August already - the dog days of summer, when it's scalding hot, eggs purportedly are fried on sidewalks and nobody and nothing moves quickly, if at all.  Everyone is enjoying the weather, hiding from the weather, out on holidays, entertaining guests, etc.
My excuse:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The sad samosa

Last night on his way to work, my darling hubby bought me a samosa. It was a lovely thing, the size of a hardball, with spicy vegetables inside.  I warmed it up, and as I was enjoying my first bite, I wandered outside in search of a cool breeze. 
Next thing I knew, I felt a biting on my arm! A ladybug was doing its best to devour my forearm! The samosa went flying as I scrambled to free myself from the jaws of the ladybug.
Poor samosa! It was so delicious, yet it lay there in the dirt on my deck.  (There was no 5 second rule, as it landed beside my garbage pail.. bleh!)  After anticipating this treat all night, it was a huge disappointment to lose it after just one bite.  Added to the hurtful attack by the ladybug (o!picture of innocence! sweet ladybug, how could you?), I looked down to see my dog lapping up the last bits of samosa crumbs. Thanks, dog!
How do we deal with these sudden losses/disappointments? Do we cry? Thrash about? Have a tantrum?
Or do we appreciate the good things we have; be thankful for little things others cannot access?