Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating for Energy- progress and secrets... :o

I'm writing in smaller letters because there are secrets involved (the secretiest kind of secrets!) and we don't want anyone to get hurt.

Ok, so I've discovered that to re-energize yourself (particularly useful at breakfast) it is helpful to consume fresh celery and english cucumber. *drool*  Just thinking about fresh celery can start the pickup, and when I hear the 'crack' of the celery breaking off its base, I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into it.
Since I am low on iron, it is also useful to consume ..... are you ready for this?.... sure?... ok... molasses. It has high iron and calcium. oh, and it's tasty.

So my breakfast the last two days in a cereal bowl: banana pear apple (1 ea in chunks), 1 rib celery in chunks, about 3-4" of english cucumber in chunks, some nuts (cashews or pecans or walnuts), sprinkled over with ground flax seeds and drizzled with approximately a tablespoon of molasses (which flowed freely despite it being January - myth busted), and then about 1/2 c of rice milk. Oh the sweet rich deliciousness of it! How did I ever survive on flakes before?  Sometimes I grind a combination of nuts in the coffee grinder first, and add dried fruit like cranberries and raisins.

It's refreshing, delicious, energizing, and keeps me going til lunch! Try it.  What's your secret?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eating for Energy- progress

So I started Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim back in November, and I thought I would give you an update: I am learning what to eat without actually looking at the menu and recipes! Isn't that great?  It's like when you progress from looking at keys to free typing!  I now remember to soak and sprout beans and nuts. It's fun! It's like going to a spa for all your meals.. too bad there is no masseuse in the package (sad face!).

[Christmas was an ode to shortbread cookies and fruitcake... but I didn't gain weight, I just didn't lose any.]

I lost about 10 pounds right away, and have sort of levelled off. But I expect more to come off as the weeks go by.  It was the Christmas break that caused the levelling off, so it should be better now that the sweets are gone.

I have also been able to keep my nails neat and unbitten. Only took 49 years.  It's all progress.

What have you made progress on?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wii Cardio workout requires a yoga stretchout afterwards

Yes, yes, that's right, old chap... talked myself into a spot of Cardio workout - boxing to be precise. Wouldn't you know it? The old leg muscles started screaming after the workouts.  I have now had to start Bikram Yoga (no, no... at home, silly! I can't afford a studio!) Since I can't afford a teacher, I have resorted to Ye Olde Intarwebs - the source of all informashuns.

Step 1- aquire pictures of poses.  Check and check. I first noticed the poses on my blogger friend's site, Antony in London.  Looked interesting!
Step 2- try it out! I am proud to say I have completely mastered one pose already.  The dead body pose. Yes, you just lie there on the floor. It's awesome! And I can do it. There are a few other poses I think I'm pretty good at, but obv need more work.  The key to remember with yoga is that different body types will naturally find certain poses easier than others. Don't sweat it! Just do what you can while working with what you've got. :)
Step 3- keep at it.  One day (hubby assures me lottery win is unavoidable) I shall have a boxing teacher and a yoga teacher.  O Happy Day.
Step 4- get hubby in on it. It helps that he can see me wavering and falling all over the place. lolz Gotta start somewhere, right?

Okay, so what new things have you started?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Under Siege by cold virus :P

Hello all my pixel pals!

Yes, it's true- despite heavy loads of fresh fruit and veg, it has still been quite a battle to evict the virus and regain health.  This virus has me stumbling, fumbling and forgetting. Srsly!  Plus you aren't a welcome visitor with an active germfest going on. :( Pooh.  I really like visiting.

I really miss my workouts. Can't workout while snuffling and having a hack attack.

Glad to hear all my bloggy friends have been updating with new posts - it's great to know that your holidays went off practically hitchless, and you have all survived the food overdose.

Now I just want to eat more more and more raw food, read more Bible, and have a little timeout.  This is going to require putting down the knitting needles, or sitting in front of laptop while reads to me from King James Version.  This is a good option, and I think I will take it up.  Maybe biblegateway would like someone to record a different version, like the good news or the Message.  That could be fun! Especially if everyone did a different chapter! (skuttles off to plot recording of different version).
Okay, I'm back.
I heard from Adam that he is keeping a reading list. So far, my carryovers from 2011: Pilgrim's Progress and Eating Animals.  My new forays for 2012: Christmas in Wales Anthology.

What's new with you?