Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Under Siege by cold virus :P

Hello all my pixel pals!

Yes, it's true- despite heavy loads of fresh fruit and veg, it has still been quite a battle to evict the virus and regain health.  This virus has me stumbling, fumbling and forgetting. Srsly!  Plus you aren't a welcome visitor with an active germfest going on. :( Pooh.  I really like visiting.

I really miss my workouts. Can't workout while snuffling and having a hack attack.

Glad to hear all my bloggy friends have been updating with new posts - it's great to know that your holidays went off practically hitchless, and you have all survived the food overdose.

Now I just want to eat more more and more raw food, read more Bible, and have a little timeout.  This is going to require putting down the knitting needles, or sitting in front of laptop while reads to me from King James Version.  This is a good option, and I think I will take it up.  Maybe biblegateway would like someone to record a different version, like the good news or the Message.  That could be fun! Especially if everyone did a different chapter! (skuttles off to plot recording of different version).
Okay, I'm back.
I heard from Adam that he is keeping a reading list. So far, my carryovers from 2011: Pilgrim's Progress and Eating Animals.  My new forays for 2012: Christmas in Wales Anthology.

What's new with you?

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