Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating for Energy- progress and secrets... :o

I'm writing in smaller letters because there are secrets involved (the secretiest kind of secrets!) and we don't want anyone to get hurt.

Ok, so I've discovered that to re-energize yourself (particularly useful at breakfast) it is helpful to consume fresh celery and english cucumber. *drool*  Just thinking about fresh celery can start the pickup, and when I hear the 'crack' of the celery breaking off its base, I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into it.
Since I am low on iron, it is also useful to consume ..... are you ready for this?.... sure?... ok... molasses. It has high iron and calcium. oh, and it's tasty.

So my breakfast the last two days in a cereal bowl: banana pear apple (1 ea in chunks), 1 rib celery in chunks, about 3-4" of english cucumber in chunks, some nuts (cashews or pecans or walnuts), sprinkled over with ground flax seeds and drizzled with approximately a tablespoon of molasses (which flowed freely despite it being January - myth busted), and then about 1/2 c of rice milk. Oh the sweet rich deliciousness of it! How did I ever survive on flakes before?  Sometimes I grind a combination of nuts in the coffee grinder first, and add dried fruit like cranberries and raisins.

It's refreshing, delicious, energizing, and keeps me going til lunch! Try it.  What's your secret?

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