Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wii Cardio workout requires a yoga stretchout afterwards

Yes, yes, that's right, old chap... talked myself into a spot of Cardio workout - boxing to be precise. Wouldn't you know it? The old leg muscles started screaming after the workouts.  I have now had to start Bikram Yoga (no, no... at home, silly! I can't afford a studio!) Since I can't afford a teacher, I have resorted to Ye Olde Intarwebs - the source of all informashuns.

Step 1- aquire pictures of poses.  Check and check. I first noticed the poses on my blogger friend's site, Antony in London.  Looked interesting!
Step 2- try it out! I am proud to say I have completely mastered one pose already.  The dead body pose. Yes, you just lie there on the floor. It's awesome! And I can do it. There are a few other poses I think I'm pretty good at, but obv need more work.  The key to remember with yoga is that different body types will naturally find certain poses easier than others. Don't sweat it! Just do what you can while working with what you've got. :)
Step 3- keep at it.  One day (hubby assures me lottery win is unavoidable) I shall have a boxing teacher and a yoga teacher.  O Happy Day.
Step 4- get hubby in on it. It helps that he can see me wavering and falling all over the place. lolz Gotta start somewhere, right?

Okay, so what new things have you started?


  1. I've started my new OYB (One Year Bible) this year. It's not new-new, because this is my fourth year of reading it in this format, but I do buy a brand new one each year so I can journal/scribble all my notes and thoughts in the side columns without being 'tainted' by previous years' thoughts.

    I tried yoga once. I prefer pilates. Have a great week.

  2. Now that's interesting that you get a new one each year.. I have my Bible from when I was 16. The number of different coloured highlighting and underlining and notes cannot be counted.. My newer one is the same. There is a man in my church without a single jot or tittle on his Bible. I was amazed. :)