Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The dog days of summer

Judging by the rate of change of people's blogs (mine included), you'd think it was August already - the dog days of summer, when it's scalding hot, eggs purportedly are fried on sidewalks and nobody and nothing moves quickly, if at all.  Everyone is enjoying the weather, hiding from the weather, out on holidays, entertaining guests, etc.
My excuse:

I have been on a cleaning streak. It all started when I bought some fantastic paint from Walmart. It's the 2 in 1 primer and paint combined.  It goes on great with hardly any spatter and great coverage. Of course, before painting, you must clean your walls (I learned this the hard way), and my friend told me to always use TSP. I used it on my walls of course, since I was painting (yes- the basement and living room and dining room), but then I used it on something else, and did it ever clean up great!  This degreaser/cleaner comes in crystal form in what looks like a milk carton, in the 1/2 L, 1L and 2L sizes.  You add 2 Tbsp of crystals to half a bucket of water and presto, you can clean anything.
WHY did nobody tell me this sooner?  HEY all you people who have just moved out and are wondering why you can't clean stuff- get to your local hardware store and get some TSP!  It's amazing.  Even the grease-dust combination that accumulates on top of the fridge was no match for TSP. My appliances are now spotless, and my grungy old step stool looks shiny white again.
I have promises that it will even clean the grungy spots on my lino! WOW. Now I am enthused to paint more of my house as well.  Happy day. The new paint looks great, by the way- a much better colour match with my dining room wallpaper. My house is looking so great.
This is a good thing, because I may have to put my house up for sale, and this way all the hard stuff will be done.  And if I come across harder stuff to clean, I'll be ready.  My SuperPower is now cleaning stuff.

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