Thursday, July 5, 2012

The sad samosa

Last night on his way to work, my darling hubby bought me a samosa. It was a lovely thing, the size of a hardball, with spicy vegetables inside.  I warmed it up, and as I was enjoying my first bite, I wandered outside in search of a cool breeze. 
Next thing I knew, I felt a biting on my arm! A ladybug was doing its best to devour my forearm! The samosa went flying as I scrambled to free myself from the jaws of the ladybug.
Poor samosa! It was so delicious, yet it lay there in the dirt on my deck.  (There was no 5 second rule, as it landed beside my garbage pail.. bleh!)  After anticipating this treat all night, it was a huge disappointment to lose it after just one bite.  Added to the hurtful attack by the ladybug (o!picture of innocence! sweet ladybug, how could you?), I looked down to see my dog lapping up the last bits of samosa crumbs. Thanks, dog!
How do we deal with these sudden losses/disappointments? Do we cry? Thrash about? Have a tantrum?
Or do we appreciate the good things we have; be thankful for little things others cannot access?

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