Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 5 priorities.. not what you think!

I was reading Mark and Angel's blog and as usual it is awesome.  I would revise the order and choice (and definitely the reasoning) of their top 5 characteristics affecting your happiness: Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Encouragement, and Peace.
I give my reasons below. What are your top 5?

Love first: knowledge of how much God loves us allows us to love God back and frees us to love ourselves and others.
Forgiveness: again, the love God showers upon us -as we are- allows us to believe that God can forgive us (through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus), and allows us to forgive ourselves (the hardest job!) Forgiving others is a piece of cake after we realize how much God has forgiven us. After all, holding unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting our enemy to die - it's not going to happen but we could get very sick. It doesn't mean they didn't do something wrong - it just means we're not going to fret about it. We're going to let God take care of it.
Hope- when we are accepted into God's family, we are heirs of salvation! We have the hope of eternal life - this transient temporal life is just the training ground. We have to center in on the key priorities (love forgiveness hope) and realize that 'goods' are temporary and soon decay.
Encouragement- words are so very powerful. Don't put destructive words in your mouth! Don't say destructive things about yourself, others, the environment, your car, especially not your kids. "This pain is killing me" can literally kill you! "My arm hurts" is a better thing to say, but "There is pain in my arm" is best - you are not claiming the pain as yours at all. "I'm getting better" is prophetic. Keep saying what you want to happen.
Use encouragement every day: cheer someone with a compliment, a hello, a smile; encourage them to keep going, to chase their dreams, to get out of bed and get going.  Let them know that there is someone out there waiting/ looking for them.
Peace- as far as it lays with you, be at peace with all people.  Don't take things as hurtful. Look for the truth in what people say, but don't accept their trash talk.  Don't repeat gossip. Say things that are true and encouraging. Don't listen to gossip. You don't need to worry about it- surely there is enough of YOU to work on, you don't need to work on others' problems.

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