Monday, August 20, 2012

in the doldrums...

There are a few places in the ocean where, although the Trade Winds blow responsibly up and around the coasts, the water in the middle of the oceans is still... the air is still as well. These spots are called the Doldrums. So when the winds of change and the current of excitement seem to have ceased and left you languishing, you may say you are in the Doldrums.  Now that wedding is over, the proposal at work has been submitted, and we're just waiting for news.. we are in the Doldrums.

The wedding came and went, as weddings do.  The weather was hot (31C) and very humid.  The rain held off until after the open air ceremony.  Although I offered to help my daughter make a run for it if she wanted to, she kept to her plan and went up the aisle. About halfway up, she started to cry, which of course, set her father off when he saw her. Nonetheless, they both arrived in tears in front of the groom.  Fortunately he's known us long enough that this didn't faze him.
It was a lovely ceremony, a beautiful venue, and good food.  The photographers and DJ were terrific.
Everyone seemed to have a lovely time, until some little'uns got overtired.  The whole thing went off without a hitch and was over by 11pm. Whew!
When we got back to our rooms, we practically needed paint stripper to get our clothing off.  It was beautiful, but not comfortable.  Let me revise that- my mother was beautiful AND comfortable in her silk dress. I was beautiful but melted to my dress in satin evening gown. My daughter wisely decided that the men should not wear jackets at this affair. They were in black, and the pergola was not shaded, so they still felt it.
Now the pictures:
My Son walking me up the aisle:
 Daddy walking his little girl up the aisle, just as the tears are starting:
 Bridesmaid far left is my eldest:
and from 1982: Hubby and Moi:

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