Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Stomach - a raving lunatic!

Back in November I switched to a much more raw vegetarian, bordering on vegan, diet.  I don't know if I've gotten lax or what, but my stomach asks for some really weird stuff sometimes!  I ate almost an entire bag of chips (crisps) last night - the large bag.. not the individual serving size.  Is it just hot, and I needed the salt? Or did I crave excitement in my food?  Anyway, when the stomach starts screaming, it's very difficult to shut it up.

Sometimes the body needs a missing element such as a mineral or vitamin, and it asks for something weird that it thinks will fill that need.

I think I just didn't eat enough good stuff, and ended up blocking the gaps with chips.  This is not a good plan when you have already bought your mother of the bride dress, and it's a must to fit into it! Less than 2 months now, so there's no time to fool around. The problem is that I really like dessert. No - I REALLY like dessert. If I don't get some, I feel ripped off! And fruit doesn't do it. There should be either pudding, and/or cookies, and/or something frozen.  This is the best part of the meal!

I really appreciate Lisa Viger's posts about economical delicious raw food. They add excitement to the menu, without blowing the budget.  They also show that raw food doesn't need to be prepared with super exotic equipment.  I tell people eating raw is like eating cooked: you do a lot of the same prep work, but you just don't wait around for it to cook - you just eat it!

So the 'simpler food' turns out to be the more complex: cooked food must be ... cooked!  Therefore raw food is cheaper as you are not spending the time/energy cost to cook your food. (well, not as much- I still eat some cooked food).

Life can be like that- the 'simpler' option turns out to cost more- in consequences, in drama, in regret.
I trust Jesus to take care of my details.  Jesus knows the way (actually, He is the Way) so it is safe to follow His lead.

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  1. My youngest loves his food raw. He doesn't want veggies cooked. I'm glad because it's healthy for him. He also doesn't like cake. Not sure who left this changeling child at my house, but good for him. Me? Never met a cake I didn't like.