Sunday, June 17, 2012

A-camping we will go...

Hubs has convinced me to book some time in a campground... over the long weekend.. I am less than exuberant about going anywhere/ doing anything on a long weekend.  I hate traffic and crowds. I know - I'm a party pooper of the worst order.  This is to encourage and refresh my darling hubs and probably to do me some good too - grouse grouse grumble grumble!

I actually like camping.  I just don't want to have to set up on the Sabbath. I don't want to live in the bright sun, with mosquitos, and I don't want to go on the little side trips hubby will want to take. BLAH!  Set me up and leave me alone, or don't take me camping! arghghgh.

So I guess this is one of those putting others before yourself things, where it doesn't matter if I will be happy doing it or not. There is a possibility that I may enjoy it. It's going to be a site with electric (why? I don't know - mostly because there weren't many sites left at this late date) and hubs is going to try to bring all kinds of electric appliances with us. I will have to guard the trunk to make sure he doesn't slip any in when he thinks I'm not looking. Yes, it already sounds like a skirmish, doesn't it?  *LE SIGH*  For some reason, I'm not into it this year. I feel like there are too many things going on already.  Maybe I need it more than ever.

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  1. I often find the trips/things I want to do least end up being the best. A lot of times it's probably because I have low expectations :)

    That said, I also hate going anywhere on long weekends. I'm not a big crowds person and am always happier to have some space.