Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel and Palestine

I want to knock your heads together (while you still have one) for being so silly and stubborn! And not just you, but many other countries/groups who also waste precious time and energy fighting each other.
Here is my solution, as posted to a friend's facebook comment:

 I have an idea. Gather the leaders together for each side, both Palestinian and Jewish.. Make them argue the case for the other side. See what that leads to. They have the same grandfather.. let them start behaving like they were created by the same loving God, and not like savages.
If you break the least part of the law... you break ALL of the law...
Love God, and love your neighbour AS YOURSELF. <This one in particular is old as dirt, we should know better.
This applies to all nations.. if we took care of our neighbours, we wouldn't be in such a pickle. No one has the right to be haughty or the need to be downtrodden. <3 <3 BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE

Much peace and love to all involved. When one person fights, those around are hurt whether they want to be involved or not. And now they have taught their children to be ugly and hateful as well. :'(

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