Monday, August 22, 2011

My niche

I think I've finally decided what this blog will feature from now on. I believe it will be the ways God inspires me and helps me grow.  It may involve youtube links. (thank you in advance, youtube)

It will be situational with Scriptures to back it open.

My first comment must be that, although my hubby is not a Christian, God uses him to help me grow and to keep me on track. This is awesome to me, and very comforting, that God would use the person closest to me.

We must be open to hearing what God has to say. At first I was threatened by the fact that my non-believing husband was "critising" me; finally, I realised it was God reaching out to me.  God is blessing me and my hubby and our marriage.

I am believing on Acts 16 for my whole family to be saved.  I can see God working in their hearts.

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