Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caution: Random Cat is Random

First, I want to voice my complaint at the exclusion of one of our national party leaders from the political leaders debate. Disgusting! Who's afraid of Elizabeth May?  Come on, now - let the Green girl in! How is it possible that we have one candidate in the debate who is only running in one province, and we don't have the national candidate with representatives in every province (probably every riding).

Second, I think I put too much garlic in my smoothie yesterday, and it hurt my tummy. But I also ate it with a whole banana, so maybe the straight up banana did it. :P  In any case, I had to take a Diovol.

People have been confusing their days this week. Is it happening to you, too?  My son thought it was a different day and was half an hour late for work. My dad rolled in this morning and thought it was Friday. Which is awesome, cuz we go out for morning coffee break on Fridays.  That is where we ran into the local candidate for the Green Party, and hence my comment above. Doncha love small towns, where you can just run into your candidate while having tea?

It's a stellar day today.  My older brother and my baby sister have both just arrived in town for two weeks, so the whole clan is here! Whoop! All 5 of us! Warn the cops and hide your car keys... oops .. no, that was my old line.  I'm much better now, honest. Seriously, I'm very laid back now and mostly well-behaved.

For those of you who started your seedlings, I hope you brought them in tonight - it's ch-ch-chilly out there!
I enjoyed the sunshine though.. it actually felt warm on my face.. ahhhhh!

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