Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wiiiiiiiiiindy day

The gusts of wind are extraordinary - twice I nearly got blown into the road while walking to the bank. Once I was in the bank, I was surprised how tense my abdominal muscles were from trying to keep me upright! With my banking finished, I debated about taking the quick way home behind the bank (it was lunch time and I had tummy rumbles) or going over to the Bargain Shop.  Shopping won and I ventured across the road and into the shop. After a few minutes (I didn't need much), I got up to the cash.  There was a huge crunching noise, like metal crates being dragged over concrete.  The sales clerk announced (as the power went out) that the hydro lines had just come down... behind the bank! =:o   You know... the bank I nearly walked behind! YIKES!

See how a good bargain can save your life?  By the way, got a cute summer one-sie with cap for Sunday's baby shower :D  Score!

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