Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life is so twisty-turny

Isn't life funny? I took a present to my friend today (the present was a very late office warming gift) and it turned out to match a Christmas gift someone else had given her! nice!
I randomly read the Canada Jobbank website and saw jobs applicable to two different friends, to whom I passed the information. double nice!
We drove to last Sunday and by chance only Hubby's youngest sister was there, so we spent the whole afternoon with her. triple nice, as that is a rare treat.
Minutes after I got terrible news about someone else's health, my brother arrived with his son, so I got multiple hugs. Quadruple nice.
Now don't try to tell me that God isn't looking after all my needs, and my friend's needs too. <3
I just love it.

Jobbank can be accessed here:

You can set it to remember your preferences too (well, you can make your selections and save the web link, and it will automatically bring up the updated info for your requirements.  Thumbs up, Service Canada!

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