Monday, March 21, 2011

Sign of the times...

Is it a bad sign when I have to calm my stock broker?  Really.  I told him, "you just have to tell people to grow a spine and leave their money where it is for now".   I'm not sure why he laughed so loudly.

The melting snow that had piled up by the back wall of my house gained entry again this year.  After mopping the floor (6 buckets later), I went outside and in true curling style, I swept the meltwater away from the house wall.  I can see that this summer there will be a project to re-elevate the patio bricks that have sunk a little bit. 

That project will be vying for attention with the project to repair the wooden frames of my lower windows, and the aluminum siding that desperately needs painting, a deck to paint, a barbeque to prep, and the gardening work.  Inside there are also painting jobs, a toilet repair, a shower repair, a shower re-caulk, a wallpaper strippery in the kitchen, and a closet repair. Wowzers.  I can hardly find time to do basic housework, when am I going to do this extra stuff?

Did I mention that my dad is talking about signing me up for a Masters programme?  *le sigh* 

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