Monday, March 21, 2011


I have managed a successful toilet transplant.  It only took a few hours, some advice from Mr Crazy, and a little sweat.

We have been bucket flushing for almost six months, so this is a major step forward. My kids were embarrassed and fed up (although somewhat more muscular from lifting the bucket), and people stopped visiting.

Now, how long will it take to get the old toilet off the back deck? (Yes, it is in full sight of the road; why?)

I also managed to install some new smoke detectors, and changed my kitchen light bulbs back to the old fashioned kind. Apparently, those twirly CFLs are bad for people with Diabetes, which Mr Crazy has.

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  1. Hi Grace - thanks for promoting the competition. It's actually an ebook so you're very much in with a chance of winning. Best wishes, Antony