Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Squee Moment

I got an email notification from the gas company this morning as my husband drove me to work. Lovely, I thought, there goes another packet of cash!  But lo, and behold, when I accessed my online account, they actually owe me a dollar! :D :D LOL!  

We recently renegotiated our mortgage, and in all the fuss of figuring out the new numbers and new dates, I paid my gas bill early. So I have a credit balance and do not need to pay.

In our house, this is defined as a Squee moment.  Like when you wear something after a long time and find money in the pocket, or go to the grocery store to buy something expensive and it's half price (like my slow cooker from Walmart that was only 15$ - my hubs says this doesn't count cuz I wasn't planning to buy a slow cooker that day, but I passed the ones marked with the wrong price of 27$ and didn't buy it even though I needed one.  I DID however plan to buy the 30$ coffee maker when I found it for 14$, so nyah nyah, Hubster!)

This is a little gift from God, to say thank you for tithing, and I love you.  Whaddya think of this, then? On my birthday, I put my tithe into my envelope and marked how much it was, like always.  The lady who counts the offerings and does tax receipts called to say I put in 20$ less than I marked.  She couldn't figure out why I giggled but I knew God had given me 20$ for my birthday. :D  (She adjusted the slip to the correct amount.) Or what about the time I went for a walk when I felt lonely and God showed me a stone the size of ... well, about 2" by 1.5" in a HEART shape!   He left me a love note. It reminds me of what Jesus said in Revelation about the one who overcomes will be given a stone with a new name on it that no one else knows. :D Oh, I was giddy for about a week over that one. God encourages me in very special ways, and I love it.

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