Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crazy stuff

Almost two weeks ago, I got a bbm from a cousin overseas saying that our other cousin, who is 15, was beaten up quite badly.  He was beaten so badly that doctors are keeping him in a coma so his brain injuries can heal.  That means the last two weeks has been a study in how to give your cares to God and let Him take care of them.  At the same time there has been pressure at work over the lack of jobs coming in, and whether I will have to find an alternate source of income/employment.  My brothers who live in town have both suddenly decided to move out west. :(   I am happy for them that they will have income, but I don't look forward to them leaving town.  They both have issues (don't we all), and I am concerned how they will cope away from their family. As I already stated, my son has been trying to be his own personal liquor control board.   My middle daughter is getting married and there are dramas already, which combined with budget pressure is pretty intense.

I have to face facts: I can't do anything about any of the above issues except pray.  My only hope of strength, mercy, healing, and joy is in God.  Because of what Jesus has done at the cross, God is delighted to do everything for us, to be all we need Him to be, to fulfill all our needs.

The last few weeks all I have been able to say is, 'Thank God for God!'   It has been wonderful.  I actually fell asleep smiling last night, knowing that God is in control.  This morning I woke up and discovered that when they brought him out of the coma to check on him, my cousin had moved his toes and looked around for his dad.  They are keeping him in the coma for a while longer, but that is a good sign.   We also got word that we will be awarded a small job. (Cash is cash, I always say.)   I also (while giving all my problems to God) decided to thank God for every little thing I had.  This serves two purposes: It gives credit where credit is due (God is responsible for all the wonderful things in my life like a roof and food and clothing), and it takes my focus off my problems, and places it on the wonderful provision of God.  He hasn't let me down before, why would He start now? (Hint: He wouldn't.)

Blessing follows thanksgiving. So if thanksgiving follows blessing, then blessing follows thanksgiving.  And if thanksgiving again follows blessing, blessing will again follow thanksgiving! What a great cycle! Let's get on this!  Peace & love!

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