Friday, September 9, 2011

The engagement

Last night, after 6.75 yrs of dating, my middle daughter's boyfriend officially asked her to marry him.

He went and bought the ring, called her father and me while our daughter was still at work, and then we all tensely waited for her to get home.

He made her put the cat down, got down on one knee, and his mother videotaped the whole thing.

My daughter called me after, still shaking from excitement.

Isn't it amazing that after almost 7 years together, it's still hard to believe he has now asked her to marry him?

I was almost as excited as she was (I had one of those face stretching grins), but now I'm starting to think of the practicalities.  When a couple 'lives together', they have different expectations of each other than when they are 'married'.  I worry that the transition may break them.  On the other hand, they always planned to get married before they moved in together.

I hope that they know how to 'fight fair'.  Not throwing old hurts into new fights, not name calling, avoiding the other person's 'hot buttons' whenever possible.  Not waiting to discuss things until the issue is so hot that they can't discuss it rationally.  Realizing when it will never be a rational decision.

It's scary!  It's wonderful.  It's exciting! It's beautiful.

I'm officially going to be related to his relatives. :D

Which brings up another point...  they are mainly Catholic.  The grandmother is refusing to attend the wedding if it's not Catholic.  I am so glad to get her married, but I really don't want a Catholic wedding as it sets them up for raising their kids Catholic.  Mind you, at least they would hear about God.  But not that He is loving, and caring and right there for us... no mediator required!  Just reach out and our heavenly Daddy is waiting to help, hear, hold, heal...

So, we leave it in God's capable hands.

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