Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking my own advice

Tonight I told someone that if they want to get to sleep by a certain time, they needed to get off the electronic devices and turn off the tv an hour before.  Well, I've passed that deadline, but I'm going to sign off all of these bleeping (literally- this is not a filler for swearing) machines and get into slow time- the relaxation mode required prior to sleep.

There's a certain routine we need to fall into that helps cue our brain that it's sleep time.  Shutting down the electronics, doing our teeth-brushing etc, having a little read, praying (that chat with my Creator before bed helps me to have that great restful sleep- I pass my worries, concerns, joys over to Him and fall asleep talking to Him), all help the brain to realize what time it is.  After sticking to your routine for several days, you will start to notice that your body will tell YOU it's time to shut off the electronics. LOL

If you want to exercise at night, I strongly suggest you do that at least an hour before bed as it will rev up your circulation etc, not slow it down.  Morning is the best time for exercise as it sets the routine for the day, speeds up your metabolism even while resting and increases your energy. At night, stick to stretching routines.

Anyway, goodnight everybody. You're in my prayers!

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