Thursday, May 17, 2012

Funeral for a friend

We went to a funeral yesterday... sadder than usual as the man was only 44 and had passed very suddenly from a heart attack.  The complete shock of it made it so hard to assimilate as our new reality.  It underscored the shortness of life - whether it's things we need to say, or apologize for saying, or things we need to get done - the phrase "no time like the present" really hangs around the mind at a time like this.
We wonder what things Trevor left undone and unsaid, and what things he was glad he had 'gotten around to'.

It also brought out how we hang on to hurts that would be better let go or worked through; instead, we let it twist our gut and sour our days.  This funeral reunited some long lost relatives, but showed that some others still wouldn't be reconciled. That pain also rippled through the loved ones who had gathered to mourn, to support, to love and encourage.  
There were also many who supported by making food and helping to serve the hurting family. These helpers, the unsung heroes, are largely unseen, and yet it made the day so much easier.  One thing that encouraged us was the presence of a new baby.  To see that new life is still being created, and that we are necessary to help support and train that new life, gives a sense of purpose and a sense of hope for the future.  

God says that He will be Father to the orphan, and help to the fatherless and the widow.  Thank You, Father, for being with us in our hurt and our joy.

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