Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank God for Mondays! I'm pooped!

That's right - bet you never thought you'd hear it, but there it is. I'm glad to be at work, because I'm exhausted!

We saw all the kids on Friday, I drove one to and from a party (45 min return trip), went to church Saturday morning, managed a 2 hr nap, stayed up late, got up at 7.30 Sunday morning and started cleaning. 4 hrs later we went and got some subs and coffees/teas and drove miles to a park to eat them. Ran the dog by the river, bought frozen treats, drove all the way home with a wet stinky dog, then did gardening for 2 or 3 hours. Made dinner, and FELL into bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Friday night Middlest Child and her fiance came and made spaghetti dinner for us, then the Boy and his buddy rolled in and started playing guitar. Just as Beloved Spouse was leaving for work, Eldest Girl and her crew came in and started harmonizing with the Boy's singing.   Everyone started leaving and I had to drive Boy and friends up to a prom party. (Not his prom, just a party.) At 1.30am I got a drunken (but expected) call for a 2.30am pickup. Another 45 minute round trip saw me back in bed at 3am.
Up at 7.30 (that could have been 8am) for church.  Hubby came to get me at 12.15, we went home and had lunch (which I made), and I don't know why, but we piddled about until 3pm before going to lay down (he had worked all night).  I got up at 5pm and watched shows with my son until about 8.30pm.  I honestly cannot even remember what else I did that night. Wait! Yes, I did some laundry. 2 loads of wash and 1 dry. Well, one I hung to dry as it was towel type stuff.
Sunday saw me up at 7.30am dusting and polishing in the main floor.  Then hubby and I had a big fat fight ON THE DECK (because neighbours should be allowed to enjoy them, right?) and I stormed in the house.  I went back to cleaning, and next thing I knew, he was hanging the rest of the clothes...that's an apology in Hubby speak. Love that man. He even remembered the doohickey that holds the two lines together and the pin at the wheel to keep the clothes from coming back to the house.
Then me, Hubs and Boyo, with the dog - who was thrilled beyond all knowing - got in the car, went to gas up, got the coffee /tea fillup, some submarine sandwiches, and headed out. Adventure Time! Da da DAH!!
The dog loves these drives, because there are lots of farms near us.  Every time we'd pass a field of animals, the dog would go mental, begging to go out and round 'em up!  And we saw sheep, cows, horses, a few alpacas - it was a great day to be a dog. He didn't know where to look there were so many lovely animal smells to choose from.
We had a specific park in mind. You drive north from the 401 hwy, turn down a sideroad, and where it meets another sideroad you should find the park. Uh huh. Two tries, no park. Back to the road headed north. Hubby did say "We'll try the next park", how was I to know he had a specific park in mind? He has mastered a little known language, very ancient, known as VAGUE.  "You know that thing we did that time in that place with those people?"  Does he get mad when I say, "no"? Yup he does.  So we drove for miles down another sideroad, east this time instead of west, and then we found the dirt track to the Marsh protected land. Not the same as a park, people. We drove another 20 min on dirt, slowly for potholes, and finally just got to the end of the road. Nothing there. Just marsh. And starving deerflies. I got out with the dog to let him stretch and 20 flies found him almost immediately. BACK IN THE CAR! So we ate our subs in the car, engine running, a/c on high. Then we drove 20 minutes back down dirt road, and another 20 minutes down the sideroad. Boy couldn't take any more excitement and fell asleep.  Farther North on the road, and finally stopped beside the river, where Hubs sat on a bench for a smoke, while I dodged goose poo and ran the dog.
Then dog went swimming. Bit of a shock for him as he'd forgotten about algae. Poor dog.  I had a towel, which I thought was sufficient, but I'm going to get some of those imitation Shamwow cloths.  I had forgotten about wet dog smell.  This is relevant because dog was sitting beside me.  After some ice cream/ popsicles, we drove home.
We unloaded our travel stuff from the car: 3 travel mugs, bottles of water, trash from the submarine sandwiches and popsicle wrappers, dog leash, dog water, stinky towel. Instead of getting dinner ready, we went shopping for the much delayed oil for my lawn mower. $94 later, we left Walmart. But I have a new shower curtain that's really pretty and lets in more light.

I figured out where to put my petunias and sat gardening for several hours. My neighbour and her baby came and chatted with me and Hubby while her baby tried to eat grass.  It was a hoot, because the baby thinks she owns our dog.  I'm sure she was trying to call him over. She was unloading about her child rearing trials (she also has a 14 yr son), when said son appeared.  After a few minutes, Hubs gave him the "Don't do drugs, kid!" speech.  Son was rescued by my boy turning up. They took the dog for an hour walk, where Boyo also talked to him about life.  Her son asked mine if he did drugs. My Boy is 19. He said NOPE.  When asked why not, he replied,  "Cuz I'm not in grade 7 and I have stuff to do."  I thought that was an awesome answer. It didn't put the other kid down, but it showed what a grown up, very cool kid thought of drugs.  [very cool = decent skateboarder, can play guitar and sing, and writes his own songs, tall, well built and handsome and funny. No, you may not date him.]

At 10.30 or 11 pm, I finally told Hubs it was bedtime. I had to be up at 6am to wake Boyo for work. What a weekend! Can I take another nap?

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