Friday, October 14, 2011

You are what you eat?

Took a road trip yesterday, and ate an entire plate of nachos (complete with cheese baked onto the chips)
I had been thinking of corn chips and salsa so was shocked when this enormous plate arrived.  Today I paid the price for such foolishness (even though supper was a lovely salad and breakfast was fresh fruit). :P  Feel off balance. Plus it's raining. Grrr...  After my fresh fruit breakfast (banana, pear, strawberries and raw pistachios) I had a raw kale salad for lunch with homemade hummus.  The kale had been sitting overnight after I massaged in olive oil and lemon juice (note to self : DO NOT attempt this with papercuts ever again!). It also had garlic and strips of red bell pepper. Yum. No picture- I ate it all. Okay, I shared with mum and dad, but it was gone pretty fast.

Glad to hear of Lisa Viger's interview from Raw on $10/day!  Very exciting :D  I am planning to copy some of her menus and head out to the grocery store right after work!

It's encouraging to hear good news of other like-minded people!

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