Thursday, October 20, 2011


Had a blissful breakfast this a.m.... got out my blender and swirled together some raw macadamias, flax seeds, coconut milk (from a can), a bit of rice milk (to make it blend better), banana, pear, and kale!  I had a lot of fun because I put the kale in last and my blender jug was only at about 2 cups. When the kale hit the blades, everything else jumped! It was a mini giggle for me.

Anyway, it's a good thing I took a picture
 cuz it didn't last long... nom nom nom... 
so thick I ate it with a spoon like a DQ Blizzard.  
Unlike a Blizzard, I felt great after!

And here is Prize #1, from Lisa V at 
Raw for $10/day:

Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer
2 Lisa Cole bookmarks, and
4 Lisa Viger prints! YAY!

I also received yesterday by mail, my prize
from Erin at Raw Therapy:
Raw Desserts, by Jenny Cornbleet.

I have been perusing this book and it is now covered in my drool (ick) and my dog's drool (double ick) but we can't wait to try some recipes. (My dog is a hippy, ok? Your granola bar is NOT safe around Argo!)

One more note, on my gardening successes this year.  Due to fear of frost, I brought in all my little grape tomatoes and they are now ripening indoors.  Lots, eh?  Better than the first year when I got 2 little potatoes!  Here, have a tomato and celebrate with me!

Notice my nice glass for my smoothie? Faith Hope Love Charity... :)  Happy breakfast thoughts...

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  1. Thanks for the sweet and encouraging words on my post today, Nance! <3