Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're flying where??

That's right, boys and girls, I had just booked my irrevocable tickets when KABLOOIE! Grimsvotn decided to pop her cogs, spewing ash across the north of Europe, particularly Manchester airport. Naturally. So we are in a 'wait and see' flight pattern, making arrangements as if all will be well, and wondering what will happen if it isn't. *sigh*

In other news, Hubby had a wonderful weekend, including watching our daughter's bf race at Mosport and watching a Jays game for FREE!, just 7 rows from the net behind the  batter.

Girls can click for girly info. Boys, just don't go there.

So I finally broke down and bought a Diva Cup*, made right here in Canada, from my local health food shoppe.  This is strange to me, as I expected to find it in a pharmacy with the other 'ladies sanitary products'.  My bonus was that it was on $32 instead of $40, hurray for sales.   Instead of paying $11 a month for a bag of pads (1 of the 4 sizes I buy), I now just wash and re-use this flexible little silicone cup.  Far from being nasty, there is no sitting on a pad all day, or going to the loo only to see *YUCK* when you sit down. This is awesomeness.  My daughter laughed and asked why I bought it so close to 'retirement'. Humph.  At least I bought it.  The package says it's good for a year, which at $40 each, I read as 'good for 2 years'.  I'll be monitoring the situation to see how it goes.  I think I could actually go swimming with this thing! Look ma, no strings!
Edit: Worth... EVERY... cent!  Note: exercise caution during removal to avoid what my SIL called 'splatter'... :S  well, it IS a cup...

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