Thursday, May 12, 2011

CFUW and Carol Off

Don'tcha love it when you expect a good time at an event, and instead it's amazing?!

We just had our fundraising luncheon for Canadian Federation of University Women, and we had Carol Off from CBC's 'As it happens' for our guest speaker.  She was wonderful... I cried through half of it as she discussed women she had met in war torn places, and their love, generosity, and strength.
[Pause for tissues]  Here I am, tearing up again at how little separates us from women in such situations, and how blessed we are that we don't generally have to deal with the terrors of war.

What we have to deal with are the elements that start war: pride, envy, fear, hate, jealousy.  These need to be carefully monitored and, through education and love, we can stem these feelings that cause conflict.  They must first be stemmed in the home, between spouses and between siblings. In ever increasing outward circles, we must reach out to the hurting in order to prevent the boil-like pain that can erupt into poisonous situations.

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