Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch leads to Insanity

Normally, I would say: Envy me, I get to eat with my parents 4 days a week.
But this week, they're on the Cabbage Soup Diet.  Come onnnnnn, I'm hungry!  Yesterday, I forgot to bring extra food, so it was a very lean day.  Today I remembered to bring some hummus that I'd made with fava beans instead of chick peas, and some Ryvita crackers.  However, in the car at lunch I realised my food was still in the office fridge. Doh!
Lunch was pretty good, a small bowl of tomato-based cabbage soup, 4 melba toast, a tossed salad, fruit for dessert (mango, strawberries, apple slices, and grapes) and I had some brown sugar-blueberry-flax cookies.
Back at the office, it occurs to me at 2.45 that I've got food squirrelled away in the fridge! Score! But by now I am HUNGRY. So I not only get out the hummus and Ryvita's, I grab the apricot jam as well! First I spread the apricot jam on the Ryvita, then a heavy layer of hummus.  It was very tasty.
Don't tell Mum! And especially don't tell Dad! Shhhhhhhhh!

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