Friday, May 13, 2011

Small Town events

We had a lovely (mostly) ladies luncheon yesterday for CFUW-N.  Our speaker was Carol Off, and her topic was how laughter and tears unite us.  She was well received; we had a great time as we do whenever we get together, and one of our student bursary winners also won a signed copy of Carol's book, Bitter Chocolate
As the new editor of our newsletter, I was running about taking pictures of all the happenings [but I didn't get a press badge. :( ]

There were several municipal councillors in attendance, so as I was leaving, I was able to call a greeting to one of them who had previously spoken to our club.   This morning at our Friday morning managerial coffee meeting at 66 King St East, who should walk in but same said councillor!  I jokingly asked if she was stalking me, but she said, No, we just both hang out in the same great places!

Way to go, Miriam!  [And such a beautiful name.]

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  1. Hi & congrats :) You won the book giveaway on my blog, Raw on $10 a Day (or Less). You can send your shipping info to me at