Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to normalish

Hi.. miss me? It's been a crazy two months - all those holidays, and food resolutions, et cetera..
as well as plastering two counties with resumes.

Success rate has been very low - I have now revised my application letter. I think the CV itself was good, but the letter was a bit too cold. I know, you'd never have guessed that one, right? It's nerves, I tell ya... I get all rigid and spit out the most ridiculously formal stuff you've ever heard. Now I am having my daughter (an adult) read my letters first. She is very sensible and points out good changes to make.
On other fronts - I have indeed managed to add more nutritious, vegetarian, raw food back in my diet after the holiday frenzy.  Also the dog walks are longer again. Except for massive ice flows in the school yard - they did put a damper on our activities. I was worried that me and the old pooch would both break a hip. Then who would go for help? see? a real dilemma, so we went home instead. Frozen paws were another cause for exception. One foot in the air is bad, but when he lays down because three feet are cold, we're done.
I'm doing my yoga poses when I find myself standing around as well. Awkward in the supermarket line.. just kidding. I do it at home before bed.. This is not professional or anything; I just downloaded a picture with 26 poses for Bikram yoga. I do the first 12 standing poses.. and sometimes throw in a few of the floor poses. It helps me to move and balance, and I like it.
What do you do?

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