Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dear Blog readers,
Today there was a facebook post from Atheists of America who want to 'keep the merry, and dump the myth'.  If someone doesn't want to celebrate Christmas because they don't believe the Son of God loved them enough to come here and live and die and rise again so they could be reunited with God, (theme of Christmas), and they don't want to celebrate the pagan mid-winter holiday (date of Christmas -Jesus being born when it was warm enough to sleep outside), then why are they participating in this? Why not stand down, as the Jehovah's Witnesses choose to do?

Maybe there should be a strictly commercial holiday: Santa Claus was made vastly popular by the now iconic image promoted by Coca-Cola in the 1930's.  Just say "Happy Ho-Ho" and we'll know what your non-religion is.  Oh wait... that's almost what we have now...
I personally wish to celebrate as the angels did: the wonder of God's Son agreeing to live on a degenerated earth as a marginalized person in order to save us and allow us to return to the status of 'children of the Almighty Creator God - our heavenly Father'. I wish to spread peace joy and love to all, wherever you are.
On another note, to all my dear friends, whatever your beliefs,  peace joy and love to you and yours. Not only do I appreciate you, but you are having a positive effect on others - many of whom you are not even aware. Keep throwing out those random smiles, wishing people a good morning, and holding those doors. Spread love - Everybody Love Everybody.
Although there have been no comments since May, I can see that a few people trickle through here each post.  Please invite a friend to come see me.. or leave a comment saying why you wouldn't invite someone here. :)

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