Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blogging Ketchup, er.. Catch up!

Everybody's posting, I figured I better get my butt in gear and get something up here as well.

My house is a cloud of dust at the moment.  Husband suggested ( for the 47th time since Thanksgiving -Oct 10th) that we get out the Christmas decorations.  He is a bit like Ernest from the movie. He would do Christmas all year long if you let him.  I was brought up that decorations go up the 24th of December and come down by the 6th of January. No fooling around with extensions and no early birds!  So every  year there is a bit of a cold war because he doesn't know where the stuff is hiding, and I'm not going to bestir myself early.  Around the first week of December I usually cave.  It's worked for thirty years, people - don't knock it.

Before any decorations go up or presents enter the house, there must be a massive purge.  Yes, I watch Hoarders and Consumed, and it terrifies me.  I am the knickknack queen! I am also a paper hoarder.  Part of it is scrapbooking - not the fancy kind neither. I mean saving newspaper articles with my kids' friends and my friends' kids, programs from concerts, and official announcements like obits of my favourite famous people. Sometimes I throw in a whole section of newspaper for posterity.  Ten years later I take it out and read it. Tip of the day: never blow the dust off anything!

In life it is also necessary to purge the things that have been holding us up, holding us down, and holding us back.  This is an excellent time of year to dredge your memory for petty things you've been holding against people and forgive them.  That's right.  They were in the wrong, they hurt your feelings, they're an insensitive cad and don't deserve it.  Guess what? Let it go.  It's only hurting you, and the ones that don't deserve forgiveness need it the most. Ask me how I know that.

Hope all your holiday preparations are wonderful.  Check in on a lonely person and have them over for tea or invite them to your Christmas dinner (or whatever holiday you are celebrating).

I thank you all for reading.

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