Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Store dates in the fridge... :(... :P

I have unfortunately learned that dates must be stored in the refrigerator. *SAD FACE*
Due to bodily reactions, I have to accept that my bucket of dates, which is only half gone, is actually way gone. Double sad face: I forgot to bin it this morning (this is garbage day). Drat!

Isn't it weird how some people put things in the fridge that others never put in the fridge?  Condiments... I always put my condiments and jams in the fridge.  My mum? She never used to, and we all lived. Maybe cuz there were 7 of us in the family and condiments didn't last long, I don't know.  In recent years we have browbeaten her into using the fridge for ketchup, mustard and relish, etc.  Still can't get her to move the jam inside.

I have only just recently started keeping more of my fruit on the counter. This probably won't continue in summer due to fruit flies, but for now, they are on display and handy for consumption.

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