Monday, November 21, 2011

Raw and Amazed! :D

WOW is all I can say.  I started Eating for Energy Thursday. That meant I went from pesca-ovo-lacto vegetarian to vegan RAW.  Except for my downfall, Tostitos Scoops made with corn, I have been raw.

I have not been hungry. After the first day, in fact, I cut the recipes down to 80-75 % because I was STUFFED!  I have been walk/running with the dog for 1/2 hour each morning.  I feel great, I get up without problems (usually, I am a 'snoozer', hitting the snooze button about 3 times).

Best news: this is only Monday and I am down at least 3 pounds.  I did not weigh myself in between (I don't believe in micromanaging weight loss). Loose 3 pounds, no cravings, no hunger? What planet am I on?  I am on the raw planet, and I am so happy.  Really. I have a grin on my face.
When I started this way of eating (I will NOT call it A Diet), I looked in the mirror at my stomach and said, "BYE BYE! You won't be here very much longer! Pack up and git goin' 'cuz yer not welcome here anymore."

Now the mechanics of it: Yuri explains VERY simply how to soak and how to sprout, so that you can easily do these methods of food prep.  I started by sprouting quinoa (was i ever excited to find little sprouts coming out!), now I am on red lentils.  If I don't have an item, I try to substitute (no point getting hung up).  I made a fantastic dressing from olive oil, dijon mustard and pomegranate juice for hubby's spinach salad. He approved.  Naturally, not everyone has the same taste, so I like some recipes better than others. I am not crazy fond of cilantro and put a bit too much in the spinach soup recipe, so did not finish that one. Most of my food is fabulous and delicious and colourful.
Yuri's e-book (also available in hard copy for extra $$) provides 12 weeks of recipes, you get daily cheerleader emails from Yuri, and a bunch of extra stuff. I paid $51 Canadian for this and it has already been worth it.
When I am making food for my omnivorous and constantly grazing husband, I tell myself 'that's not what you eat anymore'. I have the same mindset as when I feed the dog. Would you be tempted to eat your dog's kibble and canned meat? Me neither.   I had already stopped eating chocolate, but I even was not fazed by chocolate covered cheesecake.  A-MAZing!

Details: Yuri Elkaim can be found online at his site or on facebook: Yuri Elkaim   (he's the guy in the red shirt)

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